Final Rating: 5.06. Finished 40 out of 106 entries.

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Animator: Leong Jia How

Description: A man wants to convince a prisoner to give up his revenge towards Marcus.sry for the video quality

Experience: Im still an Animation student

Time taken: 2-3 hours in 3 weeks


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juan francisco leon:

good surprise at the end

Simon Vergereau:

Good idea, I like it !
In my opinion you should just take care of your spacing with the character on the left, for exemple when he turns his head (around frame 70), I would add some inbetween.

And for the character on the left, I would add some blink to keep him alive =)

stick cardona:

Aisha Kennett:


Andile Ngqewu:

Dope concept lol

Emanuel Siu:

was a good idea and composition!


There're a strange twinning on "things"!