Final Rating: 5.00. Finished 45 out of 106 entries.

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Animator: Sarathbabu A S

Description: ship watcher man see the ice berg on the sea

Experience: few years

Time taken: 4days


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Ionita Iulia Petronela:

Good idea

Amy Hook:

I like this, but i feel you could have put more weight on the first guy as he leans on the barrier. Really overshoot a little on the main chest and have him rise again to emphasise the way he places his weight on his arms. Make it a quicker motion too.

Bradley Adams:

Aha great use of the audio clip very well done.

Jean Lamy:

Camera shots were good but the facials expressions were a little bit over the top. And the lip sync was a bit off. Nice job.

Jakub Kupčík:

This was great, love the set up, the subtle acting, everything, the only problem I have is the lip sync, just didn't feel that great.


Nice facial expressions, interesting idea. Could use some accents in the motion overall, pretty floaty at the moment.

Tianyu Chen:

cool idea, like it

Pallav Sharma:


Jordan Barg:

A little cliche with that reaction at the end but overall I really like it.