Final Rating: 4.83. Finished 55 out of 106 entries.

381 views including the voting period.


Animator: David Joyner

Description: Well, there's this lady, and feelings feel... bad... to her.

I started on this pretty late into the month, but promised myself I'd submit even if it wasn't done.

Experience: Few years.

Time taken: A few days.


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Skylar Zerr:

Its not bad. You needed to move Camera lefts character's right hand when he puts the cup down. its messing with your silhouette

Jean Lamy:

Too much movement. And watch the hand position of the second character, it's an unnatural drinking position.

Amy Hook:

I think it would be nice if you made the guy relax his grip on the cup a little, after he puts it down. Make it a little more natural, you know?

Ximin Chai:

Haritz TZ:

60 fps?

Darren Teh:

just imagine yourself holding the cup and drinking that way....yup.