Final Rating: 6.10. Finished 14 out of 106 entries.

894 views including the voting period.


Animator: AJay Purkaystha

Description: Opening up to SomeOne who's clearly Not InteresTed in your ProbLems...

Experience: 7

Time taken: Around 2 Weeks After Work


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juan francisco leon:

good movements!!!

Robin Tamura:

The woman is great but the guy feels a bit overacted to me. Could be a great animation for a different audio.

Szymon Brygidyn:

I think the guy is a bit over acted considering given voice line but it's great piece of animation!

Cyril veiga:

i dont get it the girl got the male voice and the man the sweet voice. the should be bigger than that. so


Animation is smooth but the first guy is overacting...


Good animation, especially for her!
In the end it looks like to much nervous
Couldn't figure out why your choice, but of course, she a lady...
Well done!


Obviously, you made the voices opposite of what one would expect, which was funny, but the TONE of the voice you gave Mr. Purple Shirt didn't fit his actions. He seemed panicked while the voice sounded depressed. Other than that, I really liked it :)

Jordan Barg:

A little over acted but I like what you did with the pause.

Iqtidar Ali Siddiqui:


Darren Teh:

Nice animation on the female character. A little too extensive on the hand movements for the male move at the start could use more ease in/out.

Emanuel Siu:

great movements and timing. Creepy deep voice girl but it works! Haha

Robert Firestone:

Nice work! You really nailed your timing.