Final Rating: 4.33. Finished 66 out of 106 entries.

356 views including the voting period.


Animator: Cornillon Quentin

Description: Between work and sport, I animate this scene with a girl and his psychologist.


Experience: 8 Month

Time taken: About 22-24 hours


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Sergio Candela Ramirez:

good job

Skylar Zerr:

whats up there, a bird? heh.

Jean Lamy:

More shaking of the head when he says "It's not". Body language gives a strong emotion than facial expression. The second camera angle is confusing. I don't know to whom that right foot belongs to. The part where she says, "I really care about Marcus", she should be shaking her head. It contradicts her statement. Nice job though

Erin Goddard:

Not a bad animation. The first pose and framing looks a bit lewd and uncomfortable, not sure if that was done on purpose but it is maybe something to watch for.


She is a lady, the audio doesn't match the character!


From what I could see, the characters movements looked quite good. I think the eyebrows on the man could be a little more expressive. On the other hand, the resolution could have been increased by quite a bit, and the camera angle on the woman wasn't so flattering.

Jordan Lewers:

...Panty shot? I'm truly unsure what the purpose could be. It's especially awkward since the guy is looking straight at down there

Jordan Barg:

Damn watch out for that opening shot having her spread her legs and face the camera like that.

jagdeep singh: