Final Rating: 4.09. Finished 73 out of 106 entries.

365 views including the voting period.


Animator: Bradley Adams

Description: Two office pals discuss about poor Marcus.

Experience: Student Animator - second year

Time taken: In the evening over roughly two weeks


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Jakub Kupčík:

The camera angles could use improvement.

Jean Lamy:

You changed the first camera shot, good choice. It's a lot better than before. Nicely done.

Forest Eyster:

First off take out the lighting worry about the animation. It is distracting from the animation. A simple playblast will work and look good for this. Now moving on from that. I like that you went for subtle animation on this audio it fits in perfectly. However, your 2nd characters hips are frozen still. As humans we are never still. A good way to capture this is to record yourself and act out what you want your character to do. After that just try and copy the motion from your recording to your animation.