Final Rating: 5.96. Finished 15 out of 106 entries.

766 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jakub Kupčík

Description: Animated in SFM. Went for subtle/realistic acting.

Experience: 4 years (non-professionally)

Time taken: 3 weeks


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juan francisco leon:

its doesnt feel heavy the steps of the big character, but the acting i think is good

Amy Hook:

I like this, the subtle movement in Scout's hands really help to sell this. I think the lip sync could use some work though. Define it more, and stop it from snapping around too much. The asymmetry in Scout's mouth as he speaks is really nice :)

Erin Goddard:

Most of the animation looks quite well done. The weight and timing are believable and the lipsync works. Watch out for intersecting mesh; The bigger man's arm goes right through his leg and his belt of amo is intersecting his arm for most of the clip.

Jean Lamy:

Nicely done. I remember this from the forum. Well improved.

Richard Carrillo Barrios:

Reaally nice! The thing you can make better is the lip sync, it's delayed, need to move it some frames before. Also the mouth of the skinny guy is moving too much. Good job.


Pay more attention to the lip sync for the character on the right!
Anyway, i like it!

Michael Kristiansen:

I like the subtle animations - really fits the sound clip well. Good job.


Aren't these characters from Team Fortress?

Darren Teh:

Not bad at all...Scout feels pretty stiff tho.