Final Rating: 3.00. Finished 97 out of 104 entries.

396 views including the voting period.


Animator: Patipon Phatthanawiriyapisan

Description: When you think dragon will not make trouble

Experience: 2

Time taken: 2 week ( 2-3 hour / day )


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Kirsten Schow:

You need many more breakdowns between motions. This is lacking in fundamentals, so to speak.

Simon HENRY:

There's good ideas in the posing, but no time to see them. After you choose your poses, work your timing ! Try acting your shot (even without filming yourself), just to get a sense of "rhythm", where you'll hold a pose, where you'll change quickly to emphasize a word, or elses.....
Keep it going !

Timothy Muller:

Did he grab his own nipples?