Final Rating: 3.80. Finished 74 out of 104 entries.

353 views including the voting period.


Animator: Bill Muensterman

Description: An old man works on a potion while answering questions.

Experience: Three years

Time taken: Three weeks


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Simon HENRY:

Nice context you have to occupy them while they're talking !
Be careful with the amplitude of your movements. Especially for the boy's head at #45 and the adult's big spoon at #230. With a spoon that gigantic it doesn't feel right to swish it easily like that.
Keep it going !

John McSwiggin:

The blur at the beginning is kind of distracting

Hajar Khakrand:

their face muscles are frozen

Zachary Checkeye:

Not ready for effects or lighting, the acting is too fast and isn't reading well, try to break things down, perform them yourself, and take careful note of your mannerisms and try to translate that to animation.