Final Rating: 4.53. Finished 43 out of 104 entries.

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Animator: Lee Hanrick

Description: School Project

Experience: 2 years student

Time taken: 1 month spare time


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Reg Isaac:

I'd recommend spending less time making it look pretty and more time on the performance, right now the poses seem a bit stiff and bland at the minute with the characters eyes looking stuck open


Setup isn't bad, but you could do with some holds, it's all pretty floaty.

Gabriel Munn:

This is a really novel way of framing the dialogue. But I think the boy's threat should feel a lot more threatening. Rather than gently raising the sword to his throat, perhaps have him jab it at him more aggressively and maybe time the jab to coincide with one of the harder accents of the dialogue (i.e. "stranger" or "talked").

Micah Sells:

Nice job with the facial expressions; it really adds a new aspect when they play off each other like this. The movement between keyframes for the figures (especially the arms) felt pretty jerky though, maybe a little too linear with not enough "easing".

Zachary Checkeye:

...Pardon me for asking but why'd the kid pull out a sword?