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a dragon's gonna be no problem


Final Rating: 6.88. Finished 9 out of 104 entries.

1,658 views including the voting period.



Description: a boy scout questions an animatronics artist about a mysterious stranger

for this scene I used digital animation with traditional techniques and principles, although there's plenty of flaws it was a great learning experience for me

Experience: a couple years

Time taken: on and off throughout the month


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Brian W.:

Marvelous idea in a slick package. You have to show the workshop to establish character, but you also would have benefited from a tighter shot which would have been less static looking. Tough choice.

Nice spin at the end, with a clever cheat that lets you get away with not showing the background. (Not a slam - nothing at all wrong with cheating.)

Kirsten Schow:

Nice style!

Christian Cooper:

Really good work and original concept.

Laura Owens:


Michaela Wadzinski:

That spin was RAD