Final Rating: 4.03. Finished 66 out of 104 entries.

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Animator: Gustavo Neri

Description: One Character telling an unbelievable story to another. But he seems not believing...

Experience: 1 year studying by myself

Time taken: It took me 30 days working 2 hrs per day


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Kirsten Schow:

Camera line has been broken, make sure you know what side the camera needs to stay on. Where's he looking? Who's he talking to? The exaggeration is good, but the hand movements need to be tightened up.

Nammi Eu:

I would try to use different rigs for the two characters or put the camera on one side so that the 2nd character faces left side while talking.


Breaking the 180 rule pretty hard here dude... you'll want to read up on that. Main guy's wrists are broken too. Idea's not bad, but it definitely needs revisiting.

Gabriel Munn:

I assume that the second voice belongs to another character talking to the first? Your cinematography should reflect that, especially if you're going to use the same rig to represent both of them.
If the first character is facing to screen right while talking, have the second character face screen left. It makes it clearer that the two are talking rather than just one character having a Gollum-like internal monologue.

Patipon Phatthanawiriyapisan:

don't use same camera and same character. at least, just change color and use face to face when they talk

Timothy Muller:

The 180 rule!!!

Brenda Casillas R:

you are breaking the 180-degree rule. It looks like they are in different conversations. The second character should be on the right side of the screen, looking to the left.

Aaron McGriff:

Read up on the 180 degree rule. Your cuts are a bit confusing. It will help make it clear who is talking, especially if both characters are the same rig.

Eric Buval:

having each person visible in a shot can be helpful if you can manage. Having them both in the same position in every shot and also having them look the same doesn't read very well. It would've been nice to have the camera slide from one to the next so that their facing one another would rad better. Changing their color also would've been a good option to make them more discernable

Zachary Checkeye:

When filming conversations, if you're going to have the camera flip to either member of the conversation, have them face either direction and be staged on either side of the screen so that you can tell who is talking. You're using the exact same rig for both characters, and suddenly seeing that rig in the exact same spot suddenly have the voice of a little boy doesn't make any sense to the viewer.