Final Rating: 5.93. Finished 22 out of 104 entries.

644 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nicky Wells

Description: A kind man offers his home and friendship to a dragon who's lost everything.

Experience: Animation Certificate

Time taken: Off and on throughout the month, which translated to about a week full-time.


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Brian W.:

Clean linework. Exquisite timing. I love the slight laugh. And the characters are so charming. Beautiful work. The hands are awesome. His right hand flips between palm and back ten times, and the horizon lines depicting knuckles and other features are always spot-on. Frame-by frame reveals excellent use of movement to suggest shape. Well done.

Laura Owens:

Lovely character designs, and the way they interact with each other is great!

Kirsten Schow:

Very cute!

Adam Gillespie:

I like your art style. One thing I picked up however is that if you're going for full traditional animation it can become distracting if there's a static to an otherwise animated character, especially when it's the hips. The dragons hips in your shot from f60 to f140 could be moving slightly as he speaks, coming up with his shoulders when he speaks for example. The feet here can remain planted and not move, but when the hips are static but the shoulders and tail are both moving around for several seconds that's where you need to put in some subtle weight shifts around the hips and knees. Your human character is good, it's just that dragon shot for me could be improved there.

Ruben Uggla:

I really like your character design. The lip movement could use some work since I feel that it docent match what the characters are saying, its also weird that he never seems to close his mouth.


Love the style. The lower bodies feel a little stiff though.

Micah Sells:

Excellent character choices, both actions and expressions! The bit at the end where he pets the dragon, and dragon's response, was a really powerful way to drive it home. The lip-synch on the man felt off a few times, but overall great animation and character expression!

Zachary Checkeye:

The big dudes animated pretty well! The little dude's a bit wonky though.