Final Rating: 6.10. Finished 18 out of 104 entries.

759 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ian Schneider

Description: Farmer thinks he has enough experience to raise a dragon.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: Not sure, I should probably keep track of these things.


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Need some improvement in the lipsync on the adult mouth.

Laura Owens:

Some really natural movements here, the way the man leans on the garden fork is very realistic. The only thing that I can see that needs work is the lip-sync, particularly F, R and W sounds. Great work though, you're definitely one to watch going forward!

Nammi Eu:

Great acting - I really like how you've animated the old man's gestures. Needs a bit more work on lip sync but looks good.


What FPS did you export this as? I'm not good with these things, but it felt like maybe the FPS was a little too high here. Nice shot though.

Eric Buval:

reminds me of veggie-tales