Final Rating: 5.21. Finished 29 out of 104 entries.

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Animator: Elena Klappenbach

Description: I tried to make the personalities of these characters the opposite of what they suppose to be. The adult in my shot is the little girl, not the guy. Just to try to make it look more interesting.

Experience: I learned 3D animation this year. but I've been working in 2D for 4 years.

Time taken: 20 days aprox.


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Brian W.:

Nice. Camera movement is judicious and effective. Work on acting, poses, and expression.

Adam Gillespie:

I'm seeing a lot of these shots where the dragon is the best animated thing in the scene. The dragon's well done, but I feel like with this type of relaxed, conversational delivery from at least one of the two parties speaking that any existence of a dragon should either come in almost as a secondary action to the overall composition, or if the dragon is to be a punchline, have it act in the background so as not to disturb the people who's conversation is a lot less stressful than the immediate presence of the dragon would suggest. Here I think you've done a really good job animating the dragon, but aside from that taking away from the quality of your work with the human characters, it also stands out too much as a foreground element, and works against the delivery of the audio and the attitudes that said audio presents.