Final Rating: 2.92. Finished 113 out of 129 entries.

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Animator: Emir Paynter

Description: Two friends, one being partially distracted by his book until he realizes what the other one is saying.

Experience: I did a 2 years High technical degree on Animation and been animating on my own since then

Time taken: The one with glasses took two weeks (around 80 hours), and other one took one week (about 65 hours)


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Sarah Courtright:

There could've been some more movement in the scene, from head and body motion, or even changes in the camera.

Muhammad Zulhilmi:

Nice but there mouth are barely open. I don't know if there are even talking. You could also be more clear on their movements. Feels like they are just there not reacting at all


Please add more life to the characters.

Jordan Crownshaw:

At first I couldn't tell who was talking. You need to move the characters earlier on to /really/ accentuate what they're saying so you know who's saying what, and the emotion they're feeling. They're too still at the moment, move any other parts of the body besides the arms and the head, it'll do you wonders.

Tom Islava:

I hate to say it but the poses here could've been executed with more conviction