Final Rating: 4.28. Finished 66 out of 129 entries.

350 views including the voting period.


Animator: FIlip Michalek

Description: Johnny and his dog, while hidden under a bed sheet, discuss about a gang's hidden lair...

I've use Eleven Rig and a free Koko Rig by Jana Johnson

Experience: More or less 1 year-ish

Time taken: Couple of days


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Christine Miller:

The motion is a little floaty at times so I would iron that out and add weight. Also, his hand holding the flashlight would probably naturally move with him, so I'd add that slight motion

Osamah Mandawi:

Decent. No story.

Tom Islava:

Not bad, one thing I would suggest is the lip-sync on the dog is a bit overemphasized.

Jordan Crownshaw:

Would definitely have moved the arm with the torch. Interesting context and character, but the movements look way too floaty too, try to ease into things more and look at yourself for reference.

Dave Roddick:

Good job! Did you consider having the dog as the smart one?