Final Rating: 6.07. Finished 16 out of 129 entries.

2,946 views including the voting period.


Animator: shafiqah.Z

Description: two friend taking a break from looking for a secret hideout

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: two weeks


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Mike Schanbacher:

Aw, I feel like all you needed to do was hide or change the hair geometry on the kid and it would pass more clearly as a boy, making this pretty solid animation even more believable. Nice work.

Milo Z:

The voice sounds like a boy, but the character looks like a girl...that makes it look a little off.


Cute! Awesome animation..poses are good..add a little bit movement on dragon's fingers and shake the tail to make more happy feeling..Good job!

Kenneth Ghann:

i love the characters. did you create them yourself. animation is great, top 10

Tom Islava:

The dragon's lip-sync could use some more refinement