Final Rating: 6.70. Finished 8 out of 129 entries.

36,431 views including the voting period.


Animator: Clode Ko

Description: :D

Experience: 3years

Time taken: about 3weeks?


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Amanda Such:

Solid animation for the dog character; him straightening his glasses as he leans in is a great touch.
I also like how much thought you put into the human character; in this scene you see his thought process as he's bouncing between two objectives: the 'evil lair' and how much he really wants that hot dog. However, between frames 83 and 100 I feel that he's over animated/ moves way too fast and it hurts the comedic moment a bit. Perhaps you could scrap that and have just him leaning in to lovingly sniff his hot dog since it already sells the message about his want tor food; or just dial down that movement a bit. Other than that, this is great!