Final Rating: 4.34. Finished 48 out of 84 entries.

277 views including the voting period.


Animator: Cat Pawlowski

Description: Completely animated in my Animation Productions 1 class, this was made in Toon Boom

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 60 hours


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Love it! I think it would be really funny if the sound at the end of the clip was the red balloon popping. (He’s like “take it easy Jim,” then pops and disappears.) It is a very simplistic shot which I find works well but, it would add a bit of excitement and humor to the end. All in all great job


it could be more attractive if the balloons could have body interaction instead of just facial interaction

Jamie F:



I thought there would be some surprise up there.

Cola Dunn:

Unique but doesn’t follow the audio

Isabelle Dussault:

The lip sinc is good and I like the string body, it's well used and works.