Final Rating: 3.37. Finished 73 out of 84 entries.

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Animator: Daniel G

Description: A crook thinks the cop is serving him food, but the cop has really laid a trap for him. I didn't finish this animation in time, but I left the crook in blocking and tried to finish the cop character. I would love feedback on the cop if you have time.

Experience: a few years as a hobby

Time taken: 12 hours, plus changes I made to the rig.


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Really fun! Great ending. I did not expect it haha. The blue guys anim looked the most polished in this shot. His weight shifts felt nice but could use a blink or two. He feels very insanely serious without a couple blinks. When he says “why would I do that I feel his hand should be down by his side still cause he’s holding dem nachos. If he wasn’t holding them it would make more sense to do a hand gesture. Or if you still wanted that gesture just tone it down a bit maybe have the same motion but closer to his side instead of I front of his face. Dialog was readable but could use some cleanup on mouth shapes. (Shooting your own reference if you lip syncing the shot dialog I find helps tremendously). Another thing that might help this anim is getting those shoulders moving. There’s a saying I once heard about “shoulders being the eyebrows of your body.” Meaning every time you raise your eyebrows your shoulders tend to react but of course not all the time. A good example in your anim is when he says “ later again” or “ok” and lifts his eyebrows his shoulders could shrug as well. Sorry for the length of feedback hope it helps. :) I look forward to seeing this piece in again with a little more polish. :)

Anne S:

Really enjoyed the storyline and animation, lip syncing needs some work.

Catherine Mullenger:

The idea for the framing is really nice, and the added props of the bowl and trap door are fun.

There needs to be more time spent blocking out your extremes, then 'collaring' them with anticipations and follow throughs. This will help when it comes to splining as it will preserve some of the cleaner timing of stepped interpolations.

Try perhaps dropping the core of you standing characters down a little, not only to give them a bit more shape in their legs, but to also avoid stretching their IK chains.


I'd suggest to bring the remote in front 'right before' the moment. not so early.

Tushar Khandaria:

you need to work really hard