Final Rating: 3.56. Finished 69 out of 84 entries.

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Animator: Diana K

Description: Snail caught for speeding

Experience: about 7 months

Time taken: a few days


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Elisabeth Janerka:

When doing lipsync, try to shoot reference of yourself saying the lines and you'll see that you actually need a lot fewer mouth poses to get the right feel than you think. Their mouths are just flickering right now, because every sound is trying to be met with it's own mouth pose.


Snails! They physically can't move much that doesn't mean they stand still. So I'd advice you to animate heads & eyes, because those are the body parts they talk with.
If this was longer shot, viewer would get bored for sure.

Watch Turbo movie for reference. they gave a life to almost motion less snails.

Tushar Khandaria:

hehehe I enjoyed it but still, you need to work harder than this

Sarah V.:

I like how the police officer snail has a mustache and a blue shell haha