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The man date mandate!

by Jamie F

Final Rating: 6.18. Finished 10 out of 84 entries.

45,000 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jamie F

Description: Unfortunately didn't get time to finish, but thought I'd submit it anyway!

Experience: 10 months

Time taken: 3 days


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Tushar Khandaria:

could have been more lively

Amanpreet Singh:


Stijn van der Plas:

There are some nice moments in here, like the arcs and overlapping action of frame 225-255.
Frame 98-136 feels off-sync though. The movement of the character doesn’t seem to fit the accents of the audio. Maybe some clearer and crispier emotional poses would help. This would make the character easier to read,
Also I believe the camera angles could be improved. Because almost every shot is placed in a different way the orientation of the room and the space between the characters is not made very clear in just the eleven seconds. I think coming back to your original shot could fix that.


I think the facial expressions are good but there is too much twinning going on throughout the work. The hands are doing the same thing for both characters.

Edd Jones:

the subtle movements and eye darts work well here. could add more eye blinks.

Leonardo Rivera:

Great posing and timing but the lipsync could use work

Andi Pearson:

i love it when your character says "Ill arrest you later again" the hand movements fit the audio perfectly and the expression at the end is amazing! great job

Jackie Nguyen:

I think lipsyncing needs a little work but I thought it was interesting for sure!

Sierra Curry:

And the animation is really smooth. There could be some stronger ‘o’ shapes in the lip synch. Right now, some of the shapes seem a little off.