Final Rating: 6.79. Finished 3 out of 84 entries.

119,327 views including the voting period.


Animator: Stephen K

Description: Who wins the party hat? Which one ends up with the gold? tune it to find out.

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 14 days


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Really great job, like the idea but could use a little dialog cleanup. Finding mouth shapes a little hard to make out. Other than that body mechanics are working well though, It be nice to see a bit more weight shifts and maybe some overlapping action in the body after they hit there main poses just to keep them alive.(right now feels a bit pose to pose.) I feel like the anim on the little girl was the most polished and found it most appealing. Frame 200 tuxedo man could use a change in the hand poses when he puts his hand on his chin the thumb and index finger are ok but the rest of the fingers should curl into more of a fist shape. Also when he says “take it easy Jim” his hands look very similar so maybe a quick fix would be finding an appealing hand pose and offsetting them a bit as well as offsetting his arm movements when he lifts them up in front of him so you don’t get a twinning feel. The ending is a good example of where you would want to keep tuxedo man alive with a tiny bit of weight shifts rather than him just standing frozen. Sorry I wrote so much hope it helps. Would really like to see it again with a little more polish. :)


So sweet!

Jamie F:

Like the idea


Beautiful! <3

Nelson Lima Villamil:

nice complementary action, love the physics, great work!

Cola Dunn:



I really like the idea and what you're going for but I feel that there's too many things happening to be able to pay attention to everything that's going on. For example, f140 - f190, everyone is moving a lot at in one moment.

Isabelle Dussault:

The little girl is well done! There's a problem with the sound, it's very loud.

Leonardo Rivera:

Character on the left stops short by the end of the clip. He should have a final pose where he comes to a rest.