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Three's a Crowd

by Coltin

Final Rating: 6.00. Finished 11 out of 84 entries.

4,973 views including the voting period.


Animator: Coltin

Description: After work inspection...

I guess you could say Jim got SATURNed down... anybody?... no?... ok xD

sidenote: I created the song near the end of the video for this project. It is not copyright material. Hope you enjoy :)

Experience: 2 Years in VFX Feature Film

Time taken: 7 Days


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Really no need for the stuff at the end. The setup and animation for the dialogue is really nice; good acting choices and facial expressions the characters.

Jamie F:

Nice - could have pushed the expressions a bit more

Slayne Yew Chien Hao:

Why he can modify his sound?


The storyline is quite draggy, and the camera angle could be improved.

Catherine Mullenger:

The small gestures and facial expressions are really nice. There's a great sense of awkward humour in your eye darts and shoulder lifts.

The mouth shapes sometimes feel a little too small for the sounds expressed. Frames 188 and 266 are particular moments that lept out.

Amanpreet Singh:


Cola Dunn:

Funny, but you used additional sound effects and music to add quality to your animation.

Elisabeth Janerka:


Isabelle Dussault:

That was very good until the point you added sound. That's against the rules and added nothing to your story.


It was supposed to be just 11 seconds.

Leonardo Rivera:

The story had me and then it lost me.

Andi Pearson:

wow! i love the lighting and the cop's expressions are pretty funny and flirty I love it. Great use of showing and not telling, the Area 51 sign is not shoved in our face but is more of a detail we are excited to find. I love it!


Great animation and all but I don’t think ur allowed to add additional audio

Jackie Nguyen:

Good arm moment!

Sierra Curry:

I really like this. Not sure if adding the music and sound counts for editing the voice clip? Strong piece overall, just don’t know if that’s allowed for competition.

Lauren Kimball:

Animation was really good without the added bit -- also, I think it's against the rules to add to the audio.