Final Rating: 7.69. Finished 2 out of 84 entries.

193,612 views including the voting period.


Animator: Vladyslav Patrauchan

Description: This is the situation when someone does not do that is required to do!

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 20 days after work


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John M:

Excellent lateral thinking with the character on the phone. Very nice.

Sebastian Gonzales:

Very smooth!

Jamie F:

Very nice! Clever idea and nice subtleties! On first viewing I did find it confusing that you introduced a third off screen character at the end. Being picky, the lip sync could use a polish and be careful with the rig on the left as he can easily look cross-eyed.


Top 3 for sure..


Damn! I like the idea of two separate conversation mixing up. It actually solved this month's antman messedup dialogue problem. You split word so carefully. Good Job man!


Nice Job, Two conversation same time, perfect way of using the script.

Tushar Khandaria:

okay everything is amazing about it great work

Cola Dunn:

Great use of the script! Creative and funny and good movements and lip sync

Isabelle Dussault:

That's really good. The concept is super original and the animation is good. If I have something to say, I feel there's some errors in the lip sync.

Sierra Curry:

If feels like some of the lip-synch doesn’t match the audio. The idea is a little unclear. Are you suggesting a third man comes in at the end to say the last line? It’s a little confusing since there are only two voices in the clip.


Nice work! Nice story! Must be top 3!


Love the cops hand motion and subtle moves of the crook


Great job on this animation shot. My only critique is that Jack hand pose feel like he holding a gun instead of a smartphone. If you were to only see the pose in silhouette then you will see it look like he holding a gun.

here a image of someone holding a gun that look similar hand pose to jack holding his smartphone.

I would look up reference someone holding a phone. Also, I would like to see more of Mike facial expression. Maybe angle the camera where I can see his face more.