Final Rating: 5.23. Finished 40 out of 103 entries.

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Animator: Cédric Liberge Simard

Description: too busy to talk ... see the result

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Sean Manning:

Nice gag!

Markus Lehtokumpu:

Heh, funny! Woman animation could been little bit more "snappy".


Omg I see a winner!


So Funny

Jonathan Fontaine:

this made me chuckle ! haha very funny

the movement of the girl at start is already a bit floaty , especially when she pushes herself back on the chair... maybe having her more snappy, and showing off more friction and gravity would have allowed for a stronger contrast for when the ship is hit, lose the artificial gravity and everything start to float around ?

great fun anyway, good job !