Final Rating: 5.19. Finished 43 out of 103 entries.

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Animator: Guru Moorthi R

Description: The guy feels sad about the bar being ruined and empty. And the girl surprising him with a secret gift

Experience: 6 Months

Time taken: 7 Days


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Markus Lehtokumpu:

Nice animation, but compositions and camera need some tweak.

Natalie Spangler:

This does not make sense contextually or with the audio. If someone saw a warning light, why is it a button and why would they think to press it and what is going on after?

Ian Hakes:

Nice characters and set. But I am confused about what is going on there. Maybe include some more big motions, and a more of a cohesive set dressing to express the audio.

Richard Adams:

Respectable overall, movements are rather floaty though. Common beginner's mistake.