Final Rating: 7.61. Finished 3 out of 103 entries.

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Animator: daniel forsgren

Description: out in deep space one man starting to question the situation he is in

Experience: hobby level character animator for 10y

Time taken: about 40h including creating a new character


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Markus Lehtokumpu:

Superb! Great style! Hoped that, that end punch could done in audio's time.

Henry Barbee:

Whoa, is this clay/ mixed media? If not, it’s very convincing. Well done animation, and the visual style is very appealing. The only thing I would say is try to make your facial acting more expressive. That being said, I think you have a future at Laika. ;)

jay patel:

Cool idea, gone be in top 5

Tim Kamara:

Nice work!

Ian Hakes:

Okay seriously I cannot tell if this is 3d animated or if it is stop motion. Really this is super impressive.