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by Jonathan Fontaine, July Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.27. Finished 1 out of 103 entries.

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Animator: Jonathan Fontaine

Description: Technician Bruce is adjusting his ship antenna

Experience: not much

Time taken: over 15 days


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Aaron James Mongcopa:



The set up was brilliant.

Your animation style is fantastic, I especially like it how she bounces as she is talking about the warning light!


This is funny

George Perry:

Beautiful, all of it.

Henry Barbee:

Winner winner, chicken dinner!
Also, I like the way you handled him saying, “point.” You didn’t over-exaggerate the head movement, which would have been my tendency. You just puffed the cheeks up a little and gave the head a slight follow through after he says it. Subtle, but it looks very realistic. Nicely done!

Markus Lehtokumpu:

So lovely style! And great animation!

Will Oyowe:

Nice work and acting. The volumes are on point well done!!!

daniel forsgren:

Very cool style and execution. The only thing would be the freeze of the pilot caracter in the end that throws this off.
my favorit for this month

Elisabeth Janerka:

Super cool!

Ian Hakes:

This seriously looks like an old school disney movie. Like sword in the stone for the guy. Seriously this is so smooth and well put together. Nicely done.

Richard Adams:

Very, VERY well done and gorgeously polished! Has the look of a professsional TV show. My vote for best 2d entry this month.


Story board and Animation r really good... there is nothing to say just awesome..