Final Rating: 6.75. Finished 6 out of 55 entries.

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Animator: Sharu.

Description: Soldier, Monologue.

Experience: 5

Time taken: 1week


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Kevin C. Burke:

Some nice ideas. The lip-sync needs a lot of work: it never feels connected. The hand gestures don't really compliment the text. Also, I think more dramatic lighting would help: it feels over-lit.

Adam Bartholomew:

Amazing performance and acting! I think the mouth opens a bit too wide when he speaks and that his cheeks/eyelids need to be played with a bit more when he moves his jaw, but otherwise a very wonderful animation. Really love the eyebrows and the more subtle acting choices.

olivia hartanto:

i think you alredy nailed the movement in this semi realistic character

Leah M:

Wo cool!

This looks like a cut scene from a video game and background fits so nicely giving a ton of story. the wheel chair being in the army possibly an amputee. I like the occasional hand movements are nice as well as the speeds of the movements are really well done.

I tihnk if there was anything I'd edit its be the face. Theres moments where the expression really shows like when he sighs and looks to to he left(his left) I think changing his expression a little more to how he was starting to feel would work. If you go to the end then play the beginning its tha same look. Unless thats what you were going for it's make a pretty cool loop! Nice!