Final Rating: 7.00. Finished 2 out of 79 entries.

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Animator: Lara Scesa

Description: Two roommates have a mental breakdown on the school assignments.

Experience: 1 school year

Time taken: 2 days


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Bernard Ting:

love the style!!

Timmy Kwee:

I like the acting of the characters! Probably too many camera cuts, making the short lacks of simplicity


Love the character designs, simple and effective

Matt Vera:

Cool animation. The snaps into and out of held poses was an interesting style choice, but it failed to suspend my disbelief and give me the illusion of life. I'd of had the held poses move slightly so they stayed alive. Or, even just redrawing the lines in the same spot throughout the hold, so the lines 'stay alive' as the pose is held can help keep if from 'locking' into place on screen and ruining the illusion that these are living characters.

Mahesh Waran:

what a style :O , so much in love with this , very well done !