Final Rating: 6.07. Finished 11 out of 79 entries.

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Animator: shruti wal

Description: after lazing around, trying to justify a lame attempt in film class

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Isaiah Hoeninghaus:

I think it would be more interesting if the character in the glasses stood up when he got more heated, and thenslumped back into his chair after he says "I don't know". This would show a rise and deflation of the tension between the two characters, while also varying the composition of the shots.

Henryk Jachimczyk:

Good. Lip sync slightly off for one section.


I like the subtlety in their movement a lot! I also appreciate the framing! I think something that's hurting you piece a lot is the lip sync which gets quite off starting from frame 110 and to the end.

Kaemon Ducarpe:

I REALLY like the body mechanics and smoothness of this! It really feels like you brought these characters to life, and the subtle touches to the facial expressions really sell that. The only thing that made me dock my rating is the "filming a plant" bit; that part fell short to me. The speaker is yelling, and yet I feel like the body doesn't compliment it as well as it should have. If you added more exaggeration to the facial expression and posing, it would REALLY bump this up to top tier!

Still, great job as it stands!

Matt Vera:

Cool animation. I feel like there is a little excessive iris movement on the characters, like as an example, between frames 35 and 66, and it makes their faces kinda frantic. Also, their each have an arm that feels sota 'dead'. Great work on the eyebrows. Lots of emotion there. I feel they too (the eyebrows) move a bit too much, I'd of had a few less distinct motions in them in so short a time, but they did do a great job of conveying emotion.