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Animator: Heiner

Description: When you are in an alien environment you should be cautious or things might start to happen.

Experience: This is my first 3D character modelling, rigging and animation project

Time taken: About 3 weeks (anywhere between 4-8 hours per day)


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Vicent Matoses:

nice surprise at the end


the idea is really funny. I like the idea of them falling through the ground at the end and the plant noticing and jumping away. But the animation feels stiff. They should be in constant motion, and think some of their poses could be a little more dynamic. I think a couple more passes and it could be really good! I would also wait until they finish talking before having them fall through the ground.

Richard Adams:

Animation isn't great, but the idea is *really* cute! That little smile on the flower at the end. lol :D


Plant following the argument is fun, and the climax is unexpected and also fun.

DongHun Kim:

oh nice idea