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Amateur Plant Filming

by Andrés Ramos

Final Rating: 5.98. Finished 14 out of 79 entries.

0 views including the voting period.


Animator: Andrés Ramos

Description: Two amateur researchers discussing during work.

Experience: 2 as a student and 1 as a professional

Time taken: 1 week (not full time tho)


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Isaiah Hoeninghaus:

I think the actual animation is good, but I think the camera movements in the latter half could be toned down quite a bit.

Nickolaus H:

the expressions and camera work is great. the weight shifting and walking can be improved. i loved it

Ben Zingo:

some of the fluid movement is fun and engaging, but sometimes it feels like too much, especially when the camera is swinging around. We need clarity and moments to pause/ground ourselves, so then the exaggerated bits feel that much better!
Still, some solid work here!


Love it xD


Some wacky camera moves that are awesome! I think the characters are just a little too choppy and it takes away from things.