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Animator: Jasmine Ashley Goh

Description: A student who is a hardcore believer in myths suddenly starts an argument with his biology teacher when he was asked to film a plant lifecycle as an assignment. though, in the end, both of them don't know why they even argued about it in the first place.

Experience: student

Time taken: 4 weeks


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Isaiah Hoeninghaus:

The characters could shift their weight around more. When moving the torso dramatically the feet have to move a little to make sure the body stays balanced.


Lovely dramatics, and a science schoolroom makes a lot of sense for this argument. The student's ending gesture is great.

Ben Zingo:

seems like you could have really benefited from using FK instead of IK. The hands seems to stick/float in place


There’s some stuff that’s working but also a bit going against your piece. It doesn’t look like their hips really move much which deadens them quite a bit. Be careful of where their eyes are looking too. if the first character is looking up because he’s thinking, I’d maybe have them move around more. I really like what the second character is doing at around frame 214 though. That’s really nice!