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Did they end up filming it, tho?

by Adele E

Final Rating: 6.06. Finished 12 out of 79 entries.

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Animator: Adele E

Description: Two amateur paranormal investigators go through a heated debate about whether or not filming ruins in a haunted forest would help them get further in their research, but go off-track very quickly.

Experience: Self taught

Time taken: 3 days


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Isaiah Hoeninghaus:

I like the first shot, it would be nice if there was another shot or two so there could be some more variety. A zoom in on the characters as the argument gets more intense could also be interesting.

Timmy Kwee:

Coincidently the acting kind look like mine !

Matt Vera:

Cool animation. The characters freeze in their held poses. I'd of given them subtle movement even as the other was where the focus was, so you don't get pixel lock.