Final Rating: 4.45. Finished 60 out of 79 entries.

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Animator: ChanShiYun

Description: Discussing mythology and taking pictures of plants in the forest

Experience: student

Time taken: last minute


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Isaiah Hoeninghaus:

The posing is solid, but the lack of movement in the characters eyes and eyebrows makes them look bored.


Flutter of the hands on "fairy tales" is an especially nice touch.


I like the set up and the different ideas for character movements. But there’s some fundamentals missing such as moving of the hips and facial expressions. I think this could also Benefit a lot from break down poses. It‘a a little too pose-to-pose. I think with some more time spent on it, it could be really great though! The biggest thing is the lack of hip movement. I think Adding a little bit of that will bring this animation to the next level!

Bernard Ting:

try moving the eyes and eyebrow to give the charactor emotion

Henryk Jachimczyk:

Clear staging. The characters would benefit from more exaggeration in their movements.