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Let's Just Film the Plant

by Anna M.

Final Rating: 5.19. Finished 39 out of 79 entries.

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Animator: Anna M.

Description: A devoted Photoaugrapher just wants to film the life cycle of a plant but his companion wants to discuss mythology.

Experience: 11 Months of self learning.

Time taken: 20+ hours lost track


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Vicent Matoses:

i find it a bit agresive at times


I like the rigs you chose and the posing. But they seem to float around in space quite a bit and hit their poses too soon. It would be a good idea to study reference and see what body parts move when. It will help out a lot with Timing and in-be tweening

Bernard Ting:

hahaha so funny the charactor can change colors


Love how they change color based on their emotions


I really like the use of colours to show the emotion, very creative.