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Thomas and an intruder

by Pua Xin Ai

Final Rating: 5.48. Finished 27 out of 79 entries.

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Animator: Pua Xin Ai

Description: A scientist, Thomas has caught an intruder who tries to destroy his project. He is interrogating the intruder.

Experience: student

Time taken: 4 week


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I really like the setting of character two being strapped into place to have this exchange. It's clearly a fascinating story that we've chanced to walk in on.


Funny set up, though I’m a little confused on the context. I really like the successive breaking of joints in the first character. It’s really nice. I think the thing that’s hurting your animation the most is the lip sync. It’s quite a bit off at times. The character that’s tied to the chair is also far less expressive than the other which brings the quality of the whole animation down a little bit. He’s more limited since he can’t move his wrists but even still. But the shot as a whole is really nice! Great work!

Henryk Jachimczyk:

Nice attitudes for the two characters, could be pushed further.