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Animator: Wong Kar Wing

Description: This is my assignment for this semester final project. Im trying to fall back all my skills i have learned from my last sem and this sem to add in to this clips.

Experience: Student

Time taken: 3.5 week


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Isaiah Hoeninghaus:

I really like the first pose, it gives an interesting insight into the character's frame of mind on the project the two are working on.


It’s a good idea. And I like some of the posing choices. But definitely looks like you ran out of time. The pose idea at 226 is especially funny. I think your animation could benefit from more offset so the body parts don’t all hit the same pose at once. The part that could use more improvement is at 213. When the character wouldn’t be able to move his upper body that much without it forcing his hips forward as well. Definitely a great idea to study reference to see how the different body parts effect each other.