Final Rating: 6.37. Finished 9 out of 79 entries.

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Animator: Joe Strange

Description: Two guys are hired to film exotic plants but one of them would rather be brainstorming their own project.

Experience: 1 Year 3D

Time taken: 10 Days


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Timmy Kwee:

I love the subtlety of the animation where the character says "Rumors lies fairytales" good work !

- probably can play less with the camera cuts to reduce the messiness of the short.


The characters seem to move well but still feel stiff and robotic and it’s really hard for me to put my finger one what it is.

Kaemon Ducarpe:

Not too bad, and I like the camera shifts and setting of it all! But to really sell this idea, I would have had more flair to the "filming a plant" bit. The posing doesn't really exaggerate it as much as it could have, and the camera doesn't shift at all to compliment it. If you added that, I think it would really make this work better!

Matt Vera:

Cool animation. I don't quite believe the illusion of life. I'd work on timing and weight. Like the arms between frames 184 and 261, or the eyes on 'What does that mean?' It feels too robotic, like you let the curves between key poses be too mathematical and just run the transition without the arcs and the weight that make you think it's alive.

Jill MacFarlane:

Really good, well done!! Easy to see the time and effort that went into this.