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Definitely not makeup

by Ahmed Morsy

Final Rating: 8.63. Finished 2 out of 107 entries.

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Animator: Ahmed Morsy

Description: Mr.J was having some batting practice with the gang on the train, Carl thought they were filming. They weren't.

Experience: 6 Years

Time taken: 5 Days-ish


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Timmy Kwee:

nice one!

Sergey Vinogradov:

Great story, staging and idea. Animation looks great!


Very nice executed emotions and subtle expressions!

Queeny Chen:



Winner winner chicken dinner!
Great camera animation, with the subtle shake to sell the subway. Really liked the Dutch angle too!
Well done!

Frej Bengtsson:

WOW Super cool! piece! Love the whole vibe and acting choices. Nailed it!