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Real Life Superheroes

by Oleksiy Popov, July Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.82. Finished 1 out of 107 entries.

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Animator: Oleksiy Popov

Description: An aspiring filmmaker enjoys his book at the park when a sudden superhero fight breaks out, though he doesn't quite believe it.

Experience: 6 Years

Time taken: 11 Days


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Timmy Kwee:

solid animation !

Leonardo Varon:

I like the animation, super smooth

Andrés Ramos:

love it!

Odelys A.:

Outstanding concept and setting! The characters’ movements are strongly professional (especially the reader), and the concept seems unique, particularly with the head movements and the mouth choices in sync with the dialogue. While the space man’s action seems a bit too dramatic when he says “makeup,” and the lasers seem a bit off with the audio, the animation could have been perfect with proper lighting.


I like the acting :) great job ! Top 3 for me!

Queeny Chen:

very good and high quality animation, however I personally think the scene is too happening for the dialogue

Ahmed Morsy:

Beautiful piece! Well done,
I'd say the super character is just moving a bit too much in the background, and he steals the spotlight from the foreground character during his line, that's the biggest issue.
Beautifully animated though :)