Final Rating: 4.42. Finished 55 out of 100 entries.

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Animator: Melanie Fumey

Description: Let's see how a ninja used to cook !

Hope you'll like it

(It isn't a rendering. I just put some lights in viewport 2.0 to be more understandable and don't have black walls for example)

Experience: 3 years (school)

Time taken: ~2 weeks


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Vera Steinbeck:

this is by far the best idea :D

Anne Fumey:

Very original idea !!!!

Louis Renard:

I still like the second half much more than the first. The jump and the first pan hit are too jerky...

Saeho Oh:

try to match the sound effect to the motion. good idea. try new camera settings.

Christopher Lovejoy:

not sure if the cook is excellent or pitiful. The initial chime seems accidental, as does the breaking of the cabinet. But on rewatching I think it's meant to appear skillful, but overkill. I think if you show the cook's head and gaze anticipate the next action a little bit, it would appear that they know what they're doing.