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Sky Platform Acrobatics

by giggleoriginal

Final Rating: 6.63. Finished 8 out of 100 entries.

3,196 views including the voting period.


Animator: giggleoriginal

Description: High altitude hoop training.

Experience: 2 1/2 Years

Time taken: 2 & 1/2 weeks


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Kiran Jay Babla:



ui, I love f96-135 :)


Pretty good, though the movement to get the hoop in the air initially was odd and perhaps too fast to see what was happening. Nice idea though slightly abstract. Well rendered.


Wow!! great Animation.. I think the moment where he is waiting for the ring to come down could be a little more anticipated.. like he takes a step back.. other than that good job and best of luck :)

Khursheed Alam Khan:

Good animation but animation should have been like audio between 100 to 150 frames .

Sergane Sariani:

pretty clean, liked it just some sounds didn't match, but it worked in the end

Grace Diggens:

Really love the style of this. I'll never wash my eyes again!!

Mike M.:

The weight of the falling pillars are a bit off, they should both bounce and roll slightly.

Saeho Oh:

good idea. try new camera settings.

Jayvon Gomes:

nice run slowdown to stop transition!

Abhik Paul:

Nice action. It should be 1 to 3 position.