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Legend of Zeld.. uhhh

by Chad Cox

Final Rating: 4.81. Finished 42 out of 100 entries.

106 views including the voting period.


Animator: Chad Cox

Description: A (completely anonymous) game character does his best to escape a treacherous dungeon.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 2-3 weeks


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Vera Steinbeck:

bonus points for link


Nice story, action needs work.


link!! very cool idea!! :)
I think the spider hits the wall a bit late and slow for the sound, the rest is good! :)

Aaron Rivera:

I love that you turned this audio clip into a Zelda combat puzzle. The movement is sound but the crunching sound at 160 seems to preceed the impact of the spider against the wall and the shuffling noises seem ignored, unless the spider in the background is making them, but it seems too far for it to be that loud. The spider should've been in the foreground if that was the intention. The final TING is ignored and impact of Link against the boulder is delayed from the sound of the impact. It's fun and interesting but isn't quite synced right.

Caitlin Cooke:

You striking a fan base. Well done

Diane Aarts:

nice movement, made those balls seem quite heavy.

Sergane Sariani:

you killed Link ! what have you done, Hyrule is doomed !! but funny, liked the bow moves and the overall action

Guillaume Gimbert:

Very good idea! But it lacks some rythme.

J.K. Riki:

The animation wasn't too bad, but I think where this one really shines is concept and rendering. Nice and clean, and everyone knows Zelda games. :)

Danny Kneip:

Always look both ways before jumping! ;)

Benjamin Berg:

The animation is very floaty and slow. Nice idea though.