Final Rating: 3.92. Finished 73 out of 100 entries.

48 views including the voting period.


Animator: Leonardo Ferrò

Description: battle of two ninjas

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: a week


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Kiran Jay Babla:

A little bit slow and didn't go with the SFX that well. But it's cool.

Louis Renard:

I can't tell if there is supposed to be slow-motion in the begining or if it's just too soft.

Aaron Rivera:

The impact of the kick is too soon and doesn't line up with the crunching sound, and the movement of dragging the body doesn't match the 3 distinct shuffling noises. The whoosh at the end doesn't match the simple stabbing motion of the white ninja,

Natalie Wilkinson:

Your textures and environments are great, but I would have simplified them in favor of refining the animation itself. The killing blow is slightly off beat. Maybe have it implied instead? Nice work!

Caitlin Cooke:

Too even and slow. Beautiful backgrounds but the animation needs more work


Tired of ninjas.


Second sword strike is too slow. Good sense of weight with the last sword strike into the ground. Decent attempt. Shows potential.

Sergane Sariani:

really too rigid and stiff


why is your action in slo-motion?

Benjamin Berg:

Very slow and floaty movements.