Final Rating: 3.50. Finished 81 out of 100 entries.

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Animator: Marc Godfrey

Description: Stewart performs a beautiful lyrical dance, but sadly his budget doesn't stretch to the full orchestra he would he has to make do with an unlikely foley team.

Experience: I started animation with an online school in 2012

Time taken: Approx 2 weeks, 2-3 hours a day.


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Melanie Fumey:

The animation cool, but... I don't understand how it suits to the soundtrack...

Kiran Jay Babla:

Doesn't really go with the SFX... so you tried to get away with it at the end. Nice.

Natalie Wilkinson:


Aaron Rivera:

As an interpretive dance it fails to match the sound's impact. I would've expected stronger posing with a bit of miming thrown in to convey everything. The foley part at the end was fun, but doesn't really excuse the unfitting concept.

syrus johnson:


Caitlin Cooke:



hahah!!! nyc idea

Danny Kneip:

So You Think You Can Stewart? ;-) The movement is really smooth and believable and shows skill and patience! The gag at the end, it is what it is, those squirrels are awfully cute, but I don't get it, overall. Great use of Stewart though!

Sergane Sariani:

you should use this animation again for next month :) but still, nice dancing

Haritz TZ:

Seriously? How is this even related to the GIVEN sound?

Christopher Lovejoy:

very strange situation, seems clever, but it doesn't really make sense in a comic timing. Maybe you could have tracked the camera backward to reveal the foley people onscreen with the dancer, in silhouette maybe, so that we get halfway through what the heck is going on. Then you can throw the spotlight on them and reveal their sign.

Abhik Paul:

I could not understand where is the matching of sound effects.