Final Rating: 6.71. Finished 7 out of 100 entries.

3,506 views including the voting period.


Animator: Alvin Concepcion

Description: Vikings fighting over the last piece of sausage.

Experience: College/Student

Time taken: Two weeks


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Kiran Jay Babla:

This will do very well!

Natalie Wilkinson:

I've had fights like this myself. Loved your idea!


hahaha awesome job

Aaron Rivera:

I love the style and the animation is strong, but the impact of some of the sounds don't quite match up with the more casual movements in this entry, and some of the sounds seem off. Regardless, the animation on this is lovely.

Jim P:

very high marks! only problem was that last punch wasn't powerful enough, he needed to rear back.


It was hard to see the forks.. try to make it bigger.. or a close up shot..

Danny Kneip:

Amusing concept and well executed, overall, however, it's not so clear, at first, that the remaining sausage (I assume it's a sausage) is the object of desire, but when it does become clear, I am confused as to why the guy in the middle would not allow the victor the spoils. Some nice poses and characters, though.

Diane Aarts:


Saeho Oh:

lovely drawings. try to match the sound effect to the motion. good idea. try new camera settings.

Abhishek tiwari:

Dynamic Poses.. Loved Them.. Great Job..